Traveling with infants can be very difficult as is, because they will not be comfortable and there will be lots of noise around them. If you are going to travel with an infant but then get improper treatment from the airline, you should not sit idly by. Take charge and find out about compensation for infants to make sure you get your money and time back for all the trouble you had to handle.


Consult Professionals

You can ask for help to know how much compensation for infants on airlines are from a trustworthy place like Not only will they tell you how much you deserve to get, but they will also aid you in getting the compensation. For example if you were traveling in/from Berlin with WizzAir, you would likely search for Wizz Air Flugverspätung entschädigung to get your money back. They know how to work with airlines to help you get paid back for all the time and money you lost because of the airline.

Knowing the Rules

Whether you can get compensated from things like flight cancelations or delays, it will depend on the airline that you got. Some airlines have stricter rules regarding infants and compensations. It is best to learn more about the airline before booking or if you come into trouble at the airport, that way you will know whether you can create a compensation claim for your infant.

The people from internet tell a different story about the actual situation with the pandemic times. Many airlines have their planes on ground because of the contries policies and laws. So if you had a flight cancelled or delayed during the pandemic you actually cant claim any compensation what so ever from airlines.

Free or Paid

Some infants can travel with you without having to pay for anything because they might not even take a seat. There are some people who will not have to pay full price for the infant’s ticket or, as mentioned earlier, not have to pay for the infant’s ticket at all. Unfortunately, it may be harder for you to get compensation for an infant if you did not have to pay for a ticket. If you did not pay for a ticket, the airline might not see any need to give you compensation.

However, you might have had to pay an extra fee to travel with your child. There are certain regulations that can let you get compensation for your infant. However, the compensation will be based on how much you paid for the fee rather than a cost of a regular ticket. Typically the charges are very small, but if you are entitled to get compensation for your infant you should try to get it so you do not feel scammed in any way.

Age and Payment

If your child is not an infant, above 2 years old, they might be able to get compensation. Because of the age, you might have had to buy a full seat and ticket for them. Even if your child is still an infant, you might want to buy a ticket to give them a seat, so therefore you can request for compensation from the airline because you paid for the infant’s travel.

Learning about whether your infant can get compensation or not is important, because you do not want to feel like you lost money because of the airline’s mistakes. Learn the information above to help you know if your infant is entitled to get flight compensation.